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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 4, 2010 12:00pm-1:00pm EDT

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dating back to the underground railroad. and it is the first cloth to have a policy to admit students of color in the first to grant bachelors degrees to women. 2900 students attend oberlin college. just last month u.s. news and world report listed the school as one of the top liberal arts colleges in the nation. fredricka, it is great to hear you go to high school, you graduate, you can go free to his college, but it is tough to get into. y if you can get in, $180,000. >> but they are ground breaking. >> they are. >> thank you so much. appreciate it good to see you. >> all day long we'll be with you the rest of the day as well, all folks along new england shore, well they are breathing a sigh of relief. now they are trying to salvage their labor day weekend plans. earl brushed the shore never making landfall but it is still
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causing problems. some beaches reopened along the east coast later on. and there were power outages in new england fewer than many initially expected and the apparent impact on air travel seems minimal. with major northeast airports reporting few delays as well. the same can be said for passenger rail service in the northeast. our team coverage includes reynolds wolf take it away. >> it is falls apart. it used to be a power house. a tropical storm with gusts up to 85 miles per hour. the impact the storm is going to have on much of the eastern seaboard will be the rip currents. one of the reasons why this is
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moving out is something that you can see right here. we have an area of low pressure here. at the same time, distem system drift to the east and extend almost to the gulf of mexico and it will continue to kick the storm out. expected to continue up to the north and northeast. it will be moving into colder water. i wouldn't be surprised if the storm dies out by the time we get to sunday morning. that is the good news. some other good news high pressure building into the center of the u.s. that is going to dominate your forecast in the southeast. eastern half of the great lakes breeze will pick up by the afternoon. scattered showers in parts of the southeast. that part of the southeast dry and low humidity maybe a stray shower but out west it is going
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to be pfantastic. 88 in los angeles by the staples center. 80 degrees in washington, d.c. and fredricka, 82 degrees in atlanta. along the coast rip currents could be a big threat through the weekend. >> still be very careful if you are out there beachside. >> sab luabsolutely. >> appreciate that, have a great day. earl is causing problems across canada. thousands of people are without power right now. among the areas feeling the impact, halifax. air travel has slowed to a stand still at the halifax international airport. ahead of the storm, campgrounds and beaches ahead of the storm closed. we'll have a live report from
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halifax coming um. so let's go to cape cod now. earl didn't cause the damage that it might have caused had it's been a direct impact. susan candiotti is live from the cape right now how is it looking? >> reporter: beautiful. the sun has come out today. look at this beach gorgeous. this is nantucket sound. we are in yarmouth, massachusetts. that is tropical storm force winds. >> all right looks like we are having a problem there. with susan's shot, even though the storm has passed, we still have a few problems. let's more onto a state of
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emergency which is in effect for christ's church new zealand after a major earthquake. damage is substantial. the 7.0 quake caused buildings to crumble. this was remarkable what did you experience? >> it was -- it felt like the world was going to swallow us up. it was shaky and it was just something like out of the movies really. it was unbelievable. >> where were you when the quake hit? >> i was in bed and and my room shook and -- it is still a shock really.
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once you did decide to venture out, give me an idea of what you saw. we are looking at the images and sees collapsed roofs and seeing things piled up on top of vehic vehicles. we are seeing the search dogs involved as well. >> sure. what i saw at my mother's house the chimney had collapsed and the structural damage to the houses in the suburbs and the city itself. was just fires breaking out. yeah, you would think you can't imagine it really. >> had you ever experienced a quake? >> yes, i have but nothing like this before. we had a few tremors but nothing
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to this scale or anything like that. >> lee harvey, thank you so much. appreciate it all the best. in the recovery efforts throughout your area. >> thank you very much. all right glancing blow for the u.s. a direct hit for canada. you saw the pictures earlier. you got the latest update with what is going on with tropical storm earl. [ man ] if it was simply about money, every bank loan would be a guarantee of success. at ge capital, loaning money is the start of the relationship, not the end. i work with polaris every day. at ge capital, we succeed only when they do. whoo! awesome! yes! we've got to get you out of the office more often. ♪ my turn to drive. ♪
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heavy rains and gusty winds are lashing parts of nova scotia right now. brian debray is standing by in halifax. give me an idea of what you are experiencing? [ inaudible ] >> looks like we are going to have to work out that audio problem. hang with us a little bit. we will take a short break and
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okay we are going to try this again. tropical storm earl is battering nova scotia. and brian dubray is in halifax. i saw a car go behind you so it can't be that bad. >> you got us at a good time. it has blown through halifax. it is heading towards prince edward island. the winds were strong and a lot of rain.
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we were talking winds of 90-100 with gusts to 120 kilometers an hour which is 175 miles-an-hour. that has been causing a lot of problems. talk about the trees here, the branchs off trees are happening all over from the coast southern nova scotia as it goes on. these have been knocking on power lines. it tells us 115,000 people are without power right now. no flights going in or out of the airport. the big problem has been trying to keep people safe. a lot of people have been heading into the beaches. i'm sure you have been out there and visited this neck of the woods. police have tried to keep people
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from going off of the rocks and getting into danger. i just got off the phone and they are telling me no real reports of widespread damage. few trees down and houses damaged by trees. roads have been blocked by much of that. most of the damage has been tree branchs down and onto the power lines and the big thing will be trying to get the power back. that is causing the biggest problems right now a lot of folks don't have power. >> fairly easy clean up. thank you so much. brian dubray, appreciate that. >> you are welcome. >> sounds like a good time to bring in our legal guys. lawsuit against president and his administration. they want to sthey will be alon after this.
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the federal government sues a popular sheriff in arizona and he is simply digging in his heels. let's check in with our legal guys. they are joining us from cleveland, avery freedman and richard herman. good to see both of you professors. >> yeah, look at that the last of the summer white. wow. >> this is my last shot at white. after labor day you are not supposed to do it. >> i don't like that rule. it is making getting dressed complicated. >> sheriff joe says i'm not going to cooperate, i've done my part and so richard, what is in
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store for him? he is supposed to hand over documents and says i've done everything i've been asked to do, be gone justice department. >> well the civil rights division of the justice department has sought information from him concerning the way he operates his office and does these types of raids out there. he is saying that i have complied and his attorneys are saying and we'll continue to comply. so the federal government got upset and brought the lawsuit i have a copy of it here and what it asks for is to have the court compel the sheriff to provide the documents now. if the court does that and they will, and he fail to comply, i'm sure they will hold him in contempt of court. >> do you believe there is a connection between the justice department's pursuit of the newest immigration law?
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>> yeah, it has nothing to do with it. actually, our pile is a human calamity. the law that was passed by congress 45 years ago. all he has to do is turn over the records to show how he is treating everyone. the top lawyer for the justice department has asked arpio 51 times, he is facing trouble and phoenix and the county will lose millions of dollars because he won't turn the records over. >> well then internally would anyone in the state be offers pressure to say we would be losing millions of dollars, you need to supply these documents? >> yeah, it is basic. i'm sure the officials are saying look, turn the stuff over like every other sheriff in
12:23 pm
america does. he won't do it. i don't understand his position. he claims it is political, but if the reports are turned over it will show number one that he has complied with the law or he hasn't. if he is afraid that he hasn't, then he's in trouble. so, he's afraid of turning it over, that is what this is all about. >> if he has something to hide then it seems as though the justice department is going to throw the books at him if they are able to prove that he is treating people differently regardless of whether he hands over documents? >> well, there is one other component here. there is a federal criminal grand ju grand jury investigating right now. i would probably not allow him to turn over documents and that
12:24 pm
may be what is going on here. when they get together, they say you can inditect a sandwitch. >> and there is a so-called kill list. the c ixcia keeping a so-calledl list according to a man who is on this list. will we know whether there is a cia kill list which is now at the center of this federal case? >> our government says after 9/11, congress empowered the executive branch to protect the united states frolm al kidfrom they are never going to say oh, yeah, we have kill lists. so they are never going to say that.
12:25 pm
this acl lawsuit is trying to expose that, fred. >> what is the legal basis of his lawsuit if you have to first even prove that there is a kill list, if you can't prove that, then you really don't have a case, right? >> yeah, this is a complicated case. it involves rights guaranteed, the due process rights, the guy that they are looking for is the son of the person bringing the suit. he is probably somewhere in yemen. he is saying his due process rights are violated. there are powers that deal with the enemy, so a federal district judge is going to have to balance that. i don't know if i can predict the results of this. both arguments are strong of a complicated case but one that is important in finding out if indeed there is a kill list.
12:26 pm
>> let's move onto facebook. they are facing a class action suit by facebook users who say that their privacy is not being secured by facebook especially as it pertains to minors. where do you see this ungoing? how much privacy should you have on this? >> you know what is compelling you to get on you have to comply with their rules and regulations and accept what they tribe. the lawsuit says that children, 14-18 years of age are being abused was facebook is using their profiles to sell and try to gain membership into facebook and sell products using their names and likeness. major lawsuit, facebook says no, that is wrong we don't disclose profile information for any minors so it is going to where it is a farce.
12:27 pm
>> wow. >> do you agree? >> sit not a farce. there are a million 14-year-olds in california. it is a serious matter. the allegations that facebook is using these 14 years to market issues, it is important and going to deal with issues that affect everyone. >> we are going to see you again later on in the hour. we are going to talk paris hilton and none of those cases are related. it is fascinating isn't it? >> it would be fun to see if we can put them all together. >> it will not affect your beautiful facebook page. it is fantastic. >> boy, you are kind. very nice. okay i'll see you in a few minutes thank you so much. all right well meet the high school graduating class of 2023. >> how much money is this?
12:28 pm
$10? and do you think if you go to college do you think it cost more than $10 probably huh? so you need a lot of these to go to college. >> san francisco's mayor says these kids are seven times more likely to go to college because they are already saving money courtesy of the taxpayers. you . they go through every car and truck we make with a big fat red pencil. because they know a family's going to be inside. a teenager. a guy on the way to the job. the engineers of chevrolet. just another reason why we can offer a 5-year 100,000 mile powertrain warranty. and another reason why a chevy's a chevy.
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so all week long, cnn has been looking into ways to fix our schools. our mission to document the education crisis in america as well as shine the light on
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success stories. the federal government says 70% of high school graduates headed off to college last year, that is a record high, but it comes with a ti price tag and the cost keep rising. right now at public universities students bay $20,000 a year and nearly $40,000 a year for a private university. we wondered how much college will cost in 13 years, by 2023, private school will cost more than $73,000 a year. that is a huge financial burden. b 5-year-olds can thank the taxpayers for the investment.
12:33 pm
>> how much money is this? $10? and do you think it costs more than that to go to college? >> reporter: the mayor has come to sara elementary school because starting this year, each student will get a college savings account courtesy of city taxpayer. >> what a nice back drop in the midst of budget cuts and constraints. >> reporter: the program is fairly modest. children will get $50 to start, $100 for lower income children. one of the goals is to get family to save. a private foundation will contribute $100 for every child whose family saves $100 at least for the first few years.
12:34 pm
>> $100, it is still not going to be enough money. we know the families need to step in, they need to help augment those savings so they grow. that is what gives a child a chance to have enough money to go to cheth. >> reporter: one of the ideas behind this is to get children thinking about college at a young age. children who had some money set aside for college were seven times more likely to go. this latino father says he wanted to send his children to college but hasn't saved for it and is intimidated by the cost. >> when you are not working for five month it is hard to think about saving. >> reporter: one half of the community in in san francisco doesn't have a savings account.
12:35 pm
analysis will be done to see if this works and members of the community will say i would love to contrib bute. this thing will take off and it will lead to the belief. >> the program would have to survi survive budget cuts each year. the dollars seem small especially if it works. that of course we won't know for many years until these children reach college age. cnn, san francisco. >> all the best to those kids. all right let's talk legal again. not everything that happens in vegas stays in vegas. just ask paris hilton. okay so richard, you first, paris hilton it is never ending,
12:36 pm
this time she says it was gum that fell out, turns out it was cocaine and then she said but wait, this was a borrowed purse. so i don't know about any of this. >> well hopefully, what happens in cases like this, there is a plea that satisfies both sides. the car was pulled over because an officer in the car behind said he smelled and odor coming from the car in front of him. if that stop is bad, everything gets dismissed. >> you said what is ry duc ridi is that you can't pull somebody over for that? >> cars are moving down a street and he smells something? it is 100 degrees there. he had his air conditioner on.
12:37 pm
that is crazy. wait a minute -- assuming -- >> what happened, the stop is good fredricka. >> paris wasn't driving. she was a passenger. >> that is right. >> he pulled the driver over and issued a sum ones to the driver, she wanted to go inside to go to the bathroom. >> how did they detain her? >> didn't something drop out of her bag? >> she is going to the lady'sroom and out falls the cocaine. it has nothing to do with the stop. >> i think she's in trouble. >> why did she have to ask anybody? >> yeah, the vehicle is pulled over she is a passenger she doesn't refute that.
12:38 pm
wouldn't she -- >> you have to listen to fres fredricka. >> funny. wouldn't she be apart of a crim scene in the making and at least a witness to it right? >> she was a witness, right. >> you don't get detained for that. having said that. every weekend there are 50 people there who get pulled over after coming out of clubs with a possession or substance. i'm saying they should treat paris like everyone else similarly situated. do they charge them with felonies and threaten prison to them? >> you are saying she was treated differently. >> 100 people gathered around. there were people the police
12:39 pm
escorted her inside and not only is she charged, but she is -- >> she is hilton so. >> she is parentally, yeah there is a hilton in town. so, she apparently will be arraigned in october by the same judge who was involved in the latest oj simpson case. so i wonder, if there is a statement or if she or any one is being made an example of or celebrities being made an example of would this judge want that? >> well, there is going to be an arraignment. but you know what, i don't know who is representing paris, but one thing that her lawyer recommended is that she has to stop tweeting messages and giving details about what happens. everything she is saying will be
12:40 pm
and sounds hould be used agains in a court of law and that is a problem. >> they are going to make a nice resolution here and everyone is going to go their own way. >> i agree with that. >> all right. let's move over to your neck of the woods then. let's talk about care ca caroli giuliana. she was treated like everyone else was treated. she got a contemplation of dismissal. she has to be good for six months during that period of time and the charged will be dismissed. her record will be clean. >> really? so every one is treated that way? >> yes. >> that is the way it should be. this was you know foolish, it is
12:41 pm
an appropriate, you know deferment of action, she's not going to get in trouble, she is back at harvard right now. >> what was the item by the way? over what? >> sephora. >> yeah. >> my gosh, i'm sorry. >> okay it is a happening place, but that is a steep price to pay for something like that. paris hilton doesn't shop there by the way. >> you never know. michelle, we have more time or we're done. okay sorry guys we are out of time it is never enough time. >> we ran out of botox. >> that's right. >> something tells me that, you know, that has real staying power that botox case it is not going anywhere. >> nice, good, very good. >> just trying to keep up with you too. >> avery, richard always good to
12:42 pm
see you. >> take care. >> okay well she has spent her life enriching other people's lives through dance. now the white house prepares to say tribute to judith jamison. my joints ache so bad, i wake up in pain every day. i want to know why. i want to know why my hair is falling out. how did this happen? how did this happen? a little pain in my knee. that's how it started. that's how it started, this rash on my face. now it's like my body is attacking me.
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n.navritalova allowed us to follow her throughout her treatment and recovery. a had an opportunity to sit down with the tennis champ for a revealing one-on-one conversation yesterday. here is a little of what she had to say. >> my life has been an open book. and i guard private life more closely. as i get older i keep that circle tighter. i feel i owed it to the women of my age, to be honest and be try to myself and if i can make a
12:46 pm
difference i felt obligated to do that. but i didn't know how much of an impact it was going to have. nobody wanted to talk to me. yeah right. because it is not happening to you, but it is not because of me, it is because of the women that it is a big deal. you know the numbers have been going down. i remember one out of 12 women was going to have breast cancer. those odds are going down because of the stuff up in the air. so, if we're not affected by it, we will know somebody that is affected by it. >> she says you don't have to ask her how are you doing how are you doing. you can hear more of the 3 p.m. hour and at 4:30 eastern, don't miss the half our documentary. actually, it is navritalova my
12:47 pm
toufest opponent. tuesday policy making gives way to music and dance. everything from ballet to broadway. paying tribute to an amazing woman. you recognize this dancer. she has spent much of her life as a dancer and for the last 20 years artistic director of the dance theater. she is joining us right now. good to see you. >> hi, fredricka how are you? >> i'm doing great. great to see you. i hate the distance, however, but i know we will make it appear that we are close and right across from one another. >> yeah and we will see each other in atlanta on tour. so i will see you there. in the meantime, i'm so excite ed about this. i don't know what to do. you have to be.
12:48 pm
yeah but i've been to the white house before, but never has the first lady invited me to celebrate me by having other dance companies other than my baby, the american dance theater, celebrate dance in next. >> it is a first for the white house to do this period. and to make sure that dance is the showcase and the center point and this is your turn. so give me an idea how extraordinary this must feel knowing that there are so many other dance theaters as well. it is the entire dance community that says you were so well respected, you deserve this and they are honoring you for 20 years of this dedicated service to this art. >> how does it feel? it feels great. because my body hurts. i have been dancing for 40 or 45 years now. so this feels wonderful to sit on the other side and watch the
12:49 pm
american dance theater, but all of the participants students that are parti titicipating in whole event. many schools are participating plus i'm bringing my family and who else i can fit into that white house east room to celebrate what dance is to america and what dance is to america is this, it is a reflection of us. we are the cultural ambassadors. for all dancers, we are culture, we are the culture, the culture is reflect ed in our arts. and with dance, we can speak it without even saying words we can tell you about your selves and about the human condition and how important it is that you seosee o us represented through our bodies and through what we do.
12:50 pm
and through our intelligence and through our motivation to dedicate ourselves to making these instruments something that you watch on stage and be transported and that the first lady recognizes the importance of the arts and dance at this time and by honoring me, i am -- i'm beyond absolutely grateful for the gifts that god has given me. dance has brought me this far. >> sit clear that the white house and the first lady is passionate about this. people are dedicated as perhaps you were when you were starting out as perhaps alvin ailey was. when he created performances just for you in mind.
12:51 pm
particularly, in young people, in the generations of dancers that i see coming along through our school the center for dance. in the united states, you know that. but through the american dance theater, of course other companies that i see, but of course i kconcentrate on others. michael mcbribe or curbin boyt and then you see generations of dancers and grandparents. you see people still being dragg dragged. danc dance is inspired and up lifted. we're doing that and we're celebrating 50 years of revelations and 52 years of the
12:52 pm
american dance theater and this celebration of american dance is incorporating everything we believe that dance should do. it should up lift, entertain and educate and you should know who you are. >> anyone who has gone to alvin ali feels these things. when they get a chance to see what takes place on tuesday at the white house they will be inspired to check this out this fall and winter as it makes its way across the country. >> good to see you congratulations and now even more people will know about your contributions to this performing art. >> thank you so much. fredricka thank you. >> all the best thank you so much. talk soon and see you soon when you come through atlanta again. all right. >> okay we're going to take the turn. there is a different kind of perforso to speak going on in atlanta today. where do they come to life? lucky us, in atlanta today.
12:53 pm
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very strange sight, welcome ones in atlantati this morn ing. take a look. yes, that was darth vadar. i'm not sure what that character was. this parade was part of dragoncon the world's biggest fantasy conventionme. participants dress up as their favorite characters turning downtown atlanta into a
12:57 pm
temporary alternate university. recognition that one? >> storm trooperish? grand marshal who played hercules in the 1990s way back. cnn's susan kelly has been checking out the convention. somehow you fit right in. you are getting tweeted and getting calls from people. because, people are pushing this aside. it is lengthing industries it is a business. there are so many interested elements to the story. how can you go wrong? we are talking grown people. >> these conventions go on worldwide. and they are different.
12:58 pm
there are a lot of adults, not seeing any little people around there. >> it is such a revolution to see what social networking hat done to this business. if you are a young star and you have a new show that you want to promote and hype, it is not sort of the traditional means. it is collin ferguson who plays this funny sheriff was on this morning talking about it. >> he has a lot of fans here. >> he does. >> and every person is coming out to come meet here. he was twittering about his experience. but that is okay. anyway. >> i don't know you might. >> he's like okay, it is 3:00 in
12:59 pm
the morning. i'm not getting any sleep because there are a bunch of drunk women downstairs. but a lot of people who can't come to the conventions are following their favorite stars to feel like they could be there. there was a woman, felicia day, 1.7 million twitter followers. >> is it that people are just getting so bogged down with real life, you know real problems that this is a form of escapism that is fun? a slice of going somewhere else? for one weekend you don't have to worry about war, or oil spills or your mortgage payment. for three days, you can be anything you want to be. >> wow, and they are doing it full force. last year the numbers were so
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